Would your organization like to significantly reduce risk exposure to cyber attacks and exploits?
If so, sensitizing employee behavior to potential threats such as Social Media, Phishing, and Malware can be accomplished using our TechShield® Security Awareness Training.

TechGuard Security provides cybersecurity support and expertise to federal clients such as: United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), Defense Security Service (DSS), Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). TechGuard is highly credentialed to provide work in sensitive environments and prepared to provide expert-level advice and analysis to your organization.

The TechGuard Security SHIELD deflects the ‘human element’ threats of organizational cyber risk through a comprehensive and sustainable security awareness training solution – proven to develop competency and impact behavior across the workforce. The SHIELD solution delivers a PROGRAMMATIC APPROACH, combining highly engaging and relevant content, simulated phishing tests, robust tracking & analytics, and program management services – to help Organizations develop a security-minded culture, and ensure enterprise assets are protected by the critically important ‘human firewall’.

Solution Highlights

  • Highly engaging, motivating and relevant training improves learning & retention
  • Over 40 topics aligned to the US NIST cyber security standards and covering needs for all employees, targeted topics for specific roles and specialized compliance requirements
  • Phishing simulation tool to enforce learning identify susceptibility and validate training effectiveness
  • Industry leading analytics and automated reporting to identify security competency gaps, guide, training, and measure impact
  • Customization to incorporate Organizational policies and enforce user acceptance documentation Multi-lingual options across 11 common languages

Program Management

  • Assessment and advisment on enterprise security risk and training needs
  • Best practices guidance and supplemental materials to promote adoption and impact
  • Easy bulk registration or automation options
  • Registration, enrollment, and assignment reminder notifications
  • Automated and customized reports directly to your email



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